miércoles, 19 de septiembre de 2012

I remember what you wore on the first day you came into my life and I thought hey you know this could be something. 
Cause everything you do and words you say you know that it all takes my breath away and now I'm left with nothing. 

Because maybe it's true, that I can't live without you. 

There's so much time, to figure out the rest of my life and you've already got me coming undone and I'm thinking two, is better than one.
I remember every look upon your face, the way you roll your eyes, the way you taste you make it hard for breathing because when I close my eyes and drift away I think of you and everythings okay and finally now, we're leaving. 

I can't help it, I'm just selfish there's no way that I could 

share you that would break my heart to pieces. 

Justo ahora que ya entendí que no te tengo, justo ahora todo vuelve a ser normal. Igual, no me molesta lo normal, solo espero que todo siga mejorando.

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